TRIALS OF THE PAST: Thesis Collection Inspired by My Cultural Identity

I'm excited to share with you
my graduation Thesis Collection

Trials Of The Past


The conceptual collection inspired by my cultural identity. Supported by the unpacking of continues research and 'Historical Revisionism' surrounding colonialism in the Dominican Republic and neighboring Latin American nations.

The BFA Thesis project​​​​​​​ marked the finale to my long academic sting at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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The CDC Recommends Wearing Face Masks
Here Are 3 Easy Options

CDC Recommends Wearing Face Masks

"A homemade masks should only be considered as a last resort to prevent droplet transmission from infected individuals, but it would be better than no protection."

Weeks after health officials advised us not to wear face masks unless we show symptoms of the novel coronavirus- Covid-19, last Friday the White House announced that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) now recommends wearing face masks. Specifically when visiting grocery stores, pharmacies, and when social distancing guidelines are hard to sustain. - Unfortunately, the supply for the medical-grade masks is extremely limited,  and should be reserved for health workers, first responders, and patients. But don't despair, we can still join the national health movement using items you already have in your home.

No worries if you lack a sewing machine or hand sewing skills.
I'm sharing with you 3 easy options to make this project an easy and proactive one for everyone.
So, are you up for a homemade DIY project?

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Timeless Pieces to Wear Year-Round

Image: Amanda Vick

Sustainable practices in fashion need not be the sole undertaking of big brands, like Stella McCartney’s use of recycled nylon. Consumers also have a part to play in this since they are the ones supporting these brands. On a more mainstream level, H&M launched its Conscious Denim collection, using 56 percent less water and 58 percent less energy during their production compared to regular varieties of denim. In line with this, instead of buying clothes every season, you can instead stick to a few key and timeless pieces that you can wear throughout the year – removing and adding layers when necessary. Here’s a list of clothing essentials that are flexible enough to be worn year-round.

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Sweet Escape was inspired by the concept of finding refuge where the wind cast away the madness and chaos of the world. A place ideal for practicing mindfulness, reflection, and contemplation. Our two muses have found a temporary utopia where they can trade anxiety and stress for peaceful calmness in a harmonious natural surrounding.
The transitional color palette takes cues from natural elements found throughout their natural paradise and nomadic ancestors. Textural and cozy fabrications are layered over natural light-weight textiles as a shield from the sporadic weather conditions often experiences during the fall season.
Sweet Escape provides a platform for emerging designers hailing from different regions of the world. A melting pot of style merged with a unison motive of providing a practical approach to dressing for the modern nomad.

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