September’s Aftermath In New Dorp. New York


The Stylish FlaneuseAs expected, this month has been eventful and overwhelming. Even though the act of multi-tasking feels like second nature, the excess of tasks have been impairing the quality of my work, relationships and health. The non-stop ride feels like it’s exhausting my internal fuel and zest. One day in particular that holds specific trauma from this month was Saturday, September 17th. It started off as an easy Saturday morning that gradually increased in chaos as the day went on. I experienced a freaky accident just as I was getting ready to head out for the evening. I swung my double jointed right arm in such a way that caused the dislocation of my right shoulder (Exhibit A). This was the second time I’ve dislocated my shoulder. The first time it happened I was able to wiggle it back in place with little discomfort at home about three years ago, a reckless act I don’t recommend anyone to follow. I didn’t feel brave enough to try to fix it myself the second time around. The pain was excruciating and felt as if my bone could have easily shattered with minimal movement. I’m glad James took the initiative to call 911, even though I almost considered discouraging him at first. While waiting to get medical attention and morphing to numb the pain at the ER I found out that a bomb attack had occurred close to home. The event was once again a reminder of the tumultuous world we are living in.

September 2016 the stylish flaneuse

After being dismissed from the hospital life outside of it seem like any other regular night in the East Village. People didn’t look scared or worried, I even wondered if they were aware of the attack that had just taken place a few avenues away from the streets we were walking on. Living on high alert is a form of living that as New Yorkers and citizens of the world we’ve had to learn to blend into our daily living. I am grateful things didn’t escalate into a more troubling situation. “Thirty-one people were injured (29 was the original count) by the blast around 8:30 Saturday night in Chelsea. By Sunday morning, all of those who have been admitted to hospitals had been released”. Saturday, September 17th served as a reminder to be appreciative and mindful. My personal injury forced me to slow down because the going was getting too much. I’ll take some time to work on getting things in my life back to a steady level at home, at school and at work. I’ll include self-care as a top priority on the list. In order to do for others, you have to garnish your inner home first.

(This has been my September Motivating Go-to Song. The chaotic sound is a good representation of what this month felt like and the fast paced of living in New York City- some people might not get the song or appreciate it, but I love it and equally love dancing along with it)

Photos By:Erica Genece

Dress: Zara, similar Here or Here

Shoes: SugarKoated

Special thanks Krystle Ansari for the custom Cuff and Neck piece inspired by The Hills

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