Armory Week 2016

Armory Week 2016

Peter Halley at Galerie Thomas

The Armory Show– the motherboard of all Art Fairs in New York City and one of the leading within the United States is officially over for the year, and with that so it’s Armory Week 2016 (au revoir!) . The week’s allure and captivating energy left me feeling giddy, drained and in need of a weekend getaway to help me regain all the energy my body is lacking as I type this. This year’s Armory Week will be one to remember in my private tally as the week where I over flooded my Instagram feed. This is easy to prove though, there were so many superb works of arts I needed to share with the world. (#followers)


I began the Art festivities with James on a Tuesday! (Sorry, is this played out?) At Omar’s a private dining members club where we celebrated the calm before the fairs and Laura Kimpton, California-based artist best known for her Monumental Word Series. Google Burning Man and I bet you her word sculptures will be up top on the search results. A smaller version of her ‘LOVE’ sculptures is temporally residing at Omar’s.

Armory Week 2016

Frank Stella at Armand Bartos Fine Art

Armory Week 2016

Kenneth Noland at Armand Bartos Fine Art

The Armory Show opened its doors at Piers 92 and 94 on Wednesday to the press and VIPs. Its’ 2016 Edition welcomed valuable Collectors, Museum Patrons, celebrities and art lovers with flourishing ongoing sales reported throughout its entirety. The fair hosted 205 contemporary and modern art galleries hailing from 36 countries, the most international till this date.

Armory Week 2016

Larry Poons (Back) + John Chamberlain at DANESE/COREY

“It is a privilege to be leading this important New York art show at this time in its history… so much has been done in the past few years to cement this fair’s place in the art market. I have exciting plans to develop the program, reflecting this fair’s ability to offer access to, and create connections within, the world’s largest and most important art market – the United States.” Benjamin Genocchio, Executive Director

Armory Week 2016

Various onsite performance projects took place throughout the piers. Erica and I managed to witness some of them, including the nude performance by Romina de Novellis during preview day hosted by the Alberta Pane Gallery. Lagos based illustrator Karo Akpokiere held a 5 day drawing performance in the Champagne lounge at pier 94 where he created an alternative art fair inspired by the bustle and dynamic of the fair.

Armory Week 2016

Akpokiere’s alternative art fair project was part of this year’s focus ‘African Perspectives’ which highlighted the viewpoints from some of the most talented influencers within the Contemporary African Art world. These are the up and coming curators, artists, galleries and art institutions that are merging the social and market platforms on a global scale. Curated by Julia Grosse and Yvette Mutumba, founders of Contemporary And, an online platform for international art from African perspectives.

Armory Week 2016

Francisco Vidal’s makeshift and inviting art studio with Tiwani Contemporary Gallery was also part the African Perspective Focus Project.

Armory Week 2016

Next stop was the Armory’s affiliated younger and more adventures sister fair, Volta NY, an invitational fair that showcases projects from solo emerging contemporary artists. Volta’s solo project focus helps rekindle the fundamental reason of art fairs, the celebration and promotion of the artists and their works.

Armory Week 2016

Justine Frischmann a former member of the English alternative rock band Elastica presented us with an abstract understated approach filled with raw emotions and light. “She balances urban and natural inferences, and captures an aura somewhere between limelight and inner light in the process.” George Lawson Gallery

Armory Week 2016

Another favorite was the Booth by Victori+Mo where the whimsical psychedelic works of Brian Willmont pulled you and made you feel like everything will always be alright.

Armory Week 2016

Check out my Instagram to see the rest of my adventures throughout Armory Week where I visited Pulse NY, Spring Break Art Show and Art On Paper. The next edition of The Armory Show and Armory Week will take place March 1-5, 2017. Get excited! xx

Photo By:Erica Genece


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