Armory Week Takeover



the Stylish Flaneuse_Ewerdt Hilgemann Panta Rhei

Hi Friends! Pardon for the lack of new content this week. Due to Armory Week I will be focusing on covering the art fairs via my Instagram account @Stylishflaneuse. Follow along to cyberly live this exciting week through my feed. Follow up next week here for a re-cap from my experience at the Armory Show. Cheers!

Photo By:Erica Genece


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  • Walking on a dream mostly from lack of sleep Looking
  • Still life satisfying Life Started birthday celebrations yesterday with these
  • All lids are from used bottles Each represents a bottle
  • NYFW Day 1 What a day! This is a funeral
  • Hey all! Sorry for not keeping a consistent schedule this
  • Horizontality is a desire to give up to sleep Verticality
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  • When I left art school my idea was to try

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