Beach Day In Brighten Beach:
 Brooklyn’s Little Russia


Beach Day In Brighten Beach: Brooklyn's Little Russia

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts residing in New York City! I have another accessible beach getaway suggestion for you to plan for this weekend. How much are you familiar with Brighton Beach? Let me catch you up with a bit of history before we move forward. The Oceanside neighborhood is also called Brooklyn’s Little Russia or Little Odessa due to its vast population of Eastern European residents, who have mostly emigrated from Odessa.  “Less than a quarter of Brighton Beach residents were born in the United States, and nearly three-quarters were born abroad (72.9%)”. This fact reminded me of New York’s “Little Dominican Republic”, a vastly Dominican populated area in the upper west side of Manhattan within the Dyckman and Washington Heights neighborhoods.

Beach Day In Brighten Beach: Brooklyn's Little Russia

Brighton Beach is in Brooklyn; just a short walking distance to Coney Island. It was originally named in reference to the resort city of Brighton in England. It remains a popular beach destination for New York City residents thanks to its convenient accessibility via public transportation.  Take the B or Q trains to the Brighton Beach stop which will put you at the main avenue, conveniently named Brighton Beach.

Beach Day In Brighten Beach: Brooklyn's Little Russia

Make sure to walk around the avenue, explore the different restaurant serving traditional Eastern European dishes and pick up some Vodka at the local liquor store 😎 The beach will be waiting just on the parallel avenue from Brighton Beach Avenue. The boardwalk itself it’s an attraction. After the sun sets and the lifeguards have finished their work duty, get on to the boardwalk and walk around some more. You’ll come across several seaside restaurants that will make you feel like you were really on holiday at some European destination.

Beach Day In Brighten Beach: Brooklyn's Little Russia

Depending on the day of your visit, you might be able to catch the fireworks show at the neighboring Coney Island. Now, doesn’t that sound like a great day to spend on a hot dog day of summer?

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