Boho by Spence: Artisan Created Diamonds Designed with the Environment in Mind


I’m excited to be partnering with Spence Diamonds to present you their latest collection inspired by some of the things that excite me; freedom, fashion, travel, mindfulness, feminism, and art. The Boho by Spencecollection highlights Artisan Created Diamonds Designed with the Environment in Mind.


Wearing a piece of jewelry made with a bigger purpose in mind gives the item a deeper meaning and value. The Boho collection from Spence exudes kind heartiness, love for the environment and wanderlust. These are the greatest gifts that keep our spirits alive. 

Spence is not only providing safer alternatives to diamonds, they are excersising social responsibility. Spence’s rooted commitment to help repair the damage caused by mineral exploitation extend through the building of schools and housing for those displaced by the diamond conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Plus 1% of each purchase goes to the NGO Not For Sale to reduce human trafficking. Spence can guarantee that the origin of their diamonds come from an ethical origin because they develop their Artisan Created Diamonds in their U.S. based facility. Cutting out traditional unethical mining practices. By doing without the traditional mining practices Spence is able to help lower their environmental footprint. A win-win for the environment and humankind.  

The free spirited Boho collection features Spence’s Artisan Created Diamonds, the alternative and environmentally sustainable Diamond. Spence’s Artisan Created Diamonds are physically identical to mined diamonds, except they are 100% conflict free, grown in a lab. Each Spence’s Artisan Created diamonds are graded and issued IGI (International Gemological Institute) Certification. 

The Boho Collection consists of 9 symbols; Elements (Earth, Fire and Water), Leaf, Lotus, Paisley, Feather and Arrow. I was pleased to receive pieces from the Leaf jewelry set. Designed with sterling silver and Artisan Created Diamonds. An understated representation of individuality, free spirit and strength. The leaf is a reminder of the importance of respecting ourselves, others, and the environment. 

I took a morning stroll along the Brooklyn Bridge Park with my Boho Collection in the spirit of celebrating and admiring the Fall foliage display of colors. My leaf pieces blended harmoniously with its natural counterparts. Would you agreed?  

Check out the rest of the symbols from the Boho By Spence Collection to see which matches your personality best.

Going on now: All U.S. purchases get Free Delivery.

Photography: Tatiana Katkova






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