Chasing Sunsets in Brooklyn Bridge Park


Dumbo Sunset Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is a gem I’ve discovered thanks to my brother, who resides in the glorious and beloved borough of Brooklyn. I love coming here on Sundays right before the sun sets, and just sitting down on one of the many wonderful spots this place has to offer. I enjoy seeing the morphing of colors the sky  goes through during the sun setting process. This evening was a perfect one.

We were experiencing summer like weather two days before the beginning of October, the Dumbo Art Festival, a celebration of Art and culture took place around several scenic locations of the park and PhotoVille, a pop-up venue built using shipping containers that serve as mini galleries exhibiting works from famous and up and coming photographers had taken place earlier in the day. It was just the right no fuss way to end the weekend.

dumbo brooklyn bridge carrousel

Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge Park Sunset

Brooklyn Sunset Dumbo

Kolonihavehus Tom Fruin

Kolonihavehus Tom Fruin

The Brooklyn Bridge park is a great place to temporarily get away from the chaos  NYC can cause at times. I invite you to check this gem out and experience it for yourself. Plan your visit at Brooklyn Bridge Park


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