Chris Jones: The Apartment Series


 Are you looking to temporarily transport yourself to another place or time? The Apartment Series by British sculpturing artist Chris Jones showing at MARC STRAUS might be able to help you with that task.


The Apartment Series is the third solo exhibition for the artist with MARC STRAUS. Chris Jones’ multi-dimensional works give an everlasting purpose for the once forgotten appropriated materials used within the structural compositions Magazines, books, and encyclopedias tears are some of Jones’ go-to materials. The combined elements create a juxtaposed setting where different timelines, geographies, aesthetics and cultures lived under one complex “an imagined residential apartment”. A tangible modeled Utopia where diversity is welcome, quirkiness is look up to, and where the old and new worlds live in artistic harmony.



“Chris Jones’ London studio is covered in images culled from discount books and discarded magazines. He is interested in their protean power to unlock subconscious associations and serendipitous connections.”



 Jones’ artistic exploration of the forgotten has led him to venture into more detailed and experimental techniques. “For the first time Jones’ Apartments have evolved into a grand freestanding tower sculpture.” Art watchers can peer into the various rooms of the interactive structure and feel as they have drank the magic potion from Alice in Wonderland. The works provide endless visual stimulation that will make you feel as if you are time traveling while spotting unique and humorous details among the way. Clothing hanging out of a washing machine, broken floor tiles, and exposed pipes (all built from tear sheets) are some of the intricate parts of the composition. 

Chris Jones The Apartment Series

chris-jones-x-the-stylish-flaneuse-6chris-jones-x-the-stylish-flaneuse-9 chris-jones-x-the-stylish-flaneuse-11chris-jones-x-the-stylish-flaneuse-7 chris-jones-x-the-stylish-flaneuse-3chris-jones-x-the-stylish-flaneuse-5

Photography : Erica Genece

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Brass Mismatched Floral Earrings by the talented Angely Martinez.



Showing till December 11, 2016


299 Grand Street, NY

Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11AM – 6PM


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