Cyclicscape mariko moriCyclicscape a presentation showcasing new ethereal and sublime works by renowned artist Mariko Mori is now on view at the Sean Kelly Gallery.Cyclicscape mariko moriThe exhibition includes ten sculptures inspired by Mori’s study of the Möbius shapes and the Cyclic Model. A theory that supports the idea that the world was not created by an individual “Big Bang”, but by a combination of several continuous cycles of evolution where big bangs occur every trillion years. With each bang, new matter, galaxies, stars, planets and even life are formed.Cyclicscape mariko moriMori’s sculptures loop in and out of their forms without any noticeable seams, giving them an infinite aspect of symbolic forms of the everlasting cycle of life.Cyclicscape mariko mori

“‘Endless universe’ is very similar to the Buddhist philosophy of reincarnation. There’s no death, just life, just constant rebirth, and I was very interested in visualizing this.” Mariko Mori

Cyclicscape mariko moriCyclicscape mariko moriCyclicscape mariko moriCyclicscape mariko moriCyclicscape mariko moriCyclicscape mariko moriThe eight computer generated photo-paintings located in the lower level of the gallery are a reflection of the invisible energy surrounding nature and inspired by drawings Mori made in front of the ocean back in her native Japan.Cyclicscape mariko moriThe photo-paintings emitted a cosmic and atmospheric aura that made me feel as if I was transported into a distant serene galaxy. Cyclicscape mariko moriRecognized as one of the most high-ranked artists from Japan, Mariko Mori has an expansive record of solo exhibitions organized throughout prestigious art institutions in the world.Cyclicscape mariko moriDon’t miss the chance to see this celestial exhibition open to the public till May 2nd at the Sean Kelly Gallery located on 475 10th avenue.


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Photos By: Erica Genece


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