GREG HABERNY: Py•r•o·glyph•s


Greg Haberny catinca tabacaru gallery

Py•r•o·glyph•s, a radical new presentation from the New York based artist Greg Haberny is exhibiting at the Catinca Tabacaru Gallery. Haberny’s artistry fuels from a controversial, vulnerable and political approach. Raw and passionate strokes of paint splashes and symbolism are the artist’ key elements within his work’s compositions. Haberny traded his traditional poly chromatic color palette for a black and white monochromatic version meant to represent new beginnings, perhaps a new direction. The artist’s systematic method is a form of reincarnation that requires his full dedication.

Greg Haberny catinca tabacaru gallery

“I don’t care about politics anymore, so I burned my more sociopolitical works and crushed them down with rolling pins before pulverizing the ashes. Then I cut the ashes with archival gel medium, and other things, to create this beautiful jet black medium.” Greg Haberny

Greg Haberny catinca tabacaru gallery

Greg Haberny used traditional Chinese pottery making techniques to glaze creature-like-porcelain using a gel form mixture with the ashes from his torched works. “Haberny admits this radical action could be interpreted as a political or at least personal than that. And, this is where ashes play a key role – allowing him to concentrate on his inner search, to rid his psyche of its shadows, releasing that darkness while he paints.”

Greg Haberny catinca tabacaru gallery

Greg Haberny catinca tabacaru galleryGreg Haberny catinca tabacaru gallery

As a standard of the gallery, the white wall space was revamped to complement the monochromatic works. Fresh flowers, (meant to represent rebirth and new beginnings) were scattered under the Plexiglas floor of the showroom. A clever add-on that complements Py•r•o·glyph•s’ poetic and romanticism spirit.  


Showing till November 20, 2016
Catinca Tabacaru Gallery250 Broome Street, New York

Open Wednesday-Sunday, 11AM-6PM  

Denim Vest + Pull Over: Platform NYC

Distressed Drape Midi Dress: NMBR09

Photos By: JBS

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