Jong Oh: Ethereal Aesthetic


Jong Oh Ethereal Aesthetic at Marc Straus Gallery

A fluid presentation of ethereal sculptures inspired by architectural design are currently exhibiting at the Marc Straus Gallery. Korean artist Jong Oh’s sculptures are intricately crafted using the most delicate and simplest of materials that could easily be found throughout our everyday transitions.

Jong Oh

Dainty silver chains, metal rods, white-painted threads, Plexiglas and even stone pebbles are just some of the components that make up these airy sculptures. The natural lighting and shadows also play a pivotal part within the presentation. When joined, all the elements work together to create a harmonious congregation of geometric shapes.

Jong Oh Jong OhJong Oh Jong Oh

This is one of the exhibitions that must be experience in person to really understand and feel the sense of peace and harmony the artist hope to transpire through his work. A Zen like feeling equipped with an ethereal vibe can be experience immediately as you enter the rooms. Two-dimensional monochromatic prints of the ocean complement and add-on to the state of peaceful solitude one can easily find during this exhibition.

Jong Oh Jong Oh

“While his works appear analytical and mathematical, Oh’s process involves an equal amount of intuition and artistic experimentation. Such dichotomies exist throughout the work: simplicity and profundity, ambiguity and clarity, tension and freedom. In these altars of clarity and tranquility, Oh demands his viewers to slow down and focus on the neglected details.”

Jong Oh


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Photos By:Erica Genece



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