Jorge Tacla: Hidden Identities


Jorge Tacla: Hidden IdentitiesThe Cristin Tierney Gallery is showcasing new works of art by  Jorge Tacla . Hidden Identities is Tacla’s second solo show with the gallery. Jorge Tacla: Hidden Identities

Tacla’s commented that the works reflects “the traumas and insanity of the human condition”. The color scheme and blurred strokes gives them an eerie darken and sorrow like atmosphere that is reminiscent of the devastation of wars and natural disasters.

Jorge Tacla: Hidden Identities

The pain and agony can be seen and felt throughout the pieces hanging in the gallery. The hurt loved ones and items from their past lives are shown as a recollection of everything left.

Hidden Identities

Trauma is something that has affected us somehow, regardless of it being physical or emotional. Everyone suffers, not just the person involved in the act, but also their loved ones.

Jorge Tacla: Hidden Identities

This is a beautiful presentation that requires the viewers to stand still and admire from all angles to truly connect and find their own interpretations. What your eyes see from up-close will tell a different story than when seeing the works from afar.

Jorge Tacla: Hidden IdentitiesJorge Tacla: Hidden IdentitiesJorge Tacla: Hidden Identities

Jorge Tacla’s work has exhibited at many prestigious art institutions, biennials, and galleries throughout the world. Including his past residency at the Rockefeller Foundation Center in Italy where some of his works for his Hidden Identities series were brought to life. In the fall of 2015, Hidden Identities will exhibited at the Art Museum of The Americas in Washington, D.C.

Jorge Tacla: Hidden Identities

For more information on this presentation and the artist please visit Cristin Tierney’s site

Hidden Identities will be showing at the Cristin Tierney Gallery  540 West 28th street till July 2nd

Photos By Erica Genece



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