Looking Forward…



2014 was a wonderful year. Filled with late fun nights working at FIT on school projects. Busy weekends wanderlusting around NYC and putting together exciting content for The Stylish Flâneuse. I loved every hour spent regardless of my lack of sleep and wrong eating habits.

The Stylish Flaneuse NYC rooftopMy main goals are to learn to balance time better, get back to leading a healthy lifestyle consisting of eating clean, going back to yoga, getting proper rest and most importantly spending more quality time with my loved ones. These are the simple keys to maintaining good health, vitality and stable mindset. The Stylish Flaneuse NYC rooftopI am grateful for social media. It often gets a bad reputation and blame for people’s disconnect to real life outside the virtual world. But in fact, I feel it has helped me keep closer to loved ones, specially the ones residing miles away.  It can be a great tool for building relationships when used in moderation. I’ve made many valuable connections that without social media I wouldn’t have been able to do.The Stylish Flaneuse NYC rooftop

 I am looking forward to the year ahead, excited to continue bringing you all more exciting content based on Art and this wonderful place I live in-New York City. I am grateful for all your support and encouragement. Thank you and I wish the best life can offer to all of you in this new year.
Cheers to making the best of 2015!



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Photos by : Aesthetnik

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