Love it when Art plays with Fashion


When René Magritte met Opening Ceremony in the Surrealist hemisphere, the Fashion and Art worlds rejoiced. In this fun Surrealist capsule collection by the talented duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, Fashion and Surrealist Art merged amazingly together.

they focused on 12 of his most famous paintings, including one of my favorite, and the designer’s favorite as well “Scheherazade” featured on dresses, sneakers, bomber jacket and Birkenstock shoes


They enlisted the talented help of top fashion brands such as Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik, American lifestyle brand Vans, and German shoe company Birkenstock which has had a phenomenal return into the fashionable world this season.

Below are some of my most loved and wanted pieces from the collection. For additional looks and accessories on it click HERE

opening_ceremony_rend_hommage____magritte_163758819_north_545x.1 opening_ceremony_rend_hommage____magritte_189176919_north_545x.1 opening_ceremony_rend_hommage____magritte_428840830_north_545x.1 opening_ceremony_rend_hommage____magritte_831084720_north_545x.1 pop_104000_1 opening_ceremony_rend_hommage____magritte_743037536_north_545x.1 opening_ceremony_rend_hommage____magritte_88801217_north_545x.1

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