Margaux Ogden Takes a Detour Down The Rabbit Hole

abstract Art x Fashion The Stylish FlaneuseDown The Rabbit Hole a show by Margaux Ogden is now on display at Freight+Volume.abstract Art x Fashion The Stylish Flaneuse

Freight+Volume prides itself with the showcasing of works by new and established artists who are not shy or afraid to take risks.Case in point, the gallery’s current exhibition by Brooklyn resident artist, Margaux Ogden.The title of the show derives from Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Through the Looking Glass where Alice encounters whimsical and extraordinary adventures.This coincides with Ogden’s alternative approach to creating art. Ogden allowed her hand to paint freely without restraint or calculated thoughts. Instead she gave in to her vulnerability.  She noted random thoughts and ideas on her canvas as we would on a note pad or sticky note. This freedom of just painting without premonition helped her create these vivid, powerful and filter-less pieces that speak to our generation, the millennial. We can all find a piece in her presentation that can relate to us, I know I did. Similar to how Louis Bourgeois used her art as a form of therapy and autobiography, we can see similar aspects in Ogden’s work. She allows the viewer into her deepest and sometime darkest corners of her mind.Her admiration for stand up comedy, has inspired a lot of her personal narrative iconography throughout her work.

margaux_ogden abstract art

I’ve started taking personal notes, scribbles, symbols, and drawings from my day-to-day life and including them in the paintings. It has allowed me to be honest and direct to the viewing audience in a way that feels new to me. – Ogden

margaux_ogden abstract art

margaux_ogden abstract art

abstract Art x Fashion The Stylish Flaneuse

Down the Rabbit Hole is on view now at Freight+Volume 530 W. 24th Street. through February 28th

Photos By: Aesthetnik


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