My Day With Leo, Taylor & a guy named Joel


get-attachment.aspx @MyDayWithLeo is an Instagram account with over 120k followers that depicts the oh so entertaining daily adventures of Joel Strong (a location scout and talent manager in NYC), and his collection of Leonardo DiCaprio cutouts (or lil’ Leo, as he affectionately calls them).taylor swift mydaywithleo Other popular celebs have joined the repertoire since Joel began working on the project back in January. Do I sense a big 1 year anniversary celebration coming up?!get-attachment.aspx-2Armed with cutouts of celebrity heads, and willing humans, Joel creates hilarious real-life scenario’s in a style reminiscent of the paper dolls I used to play with.taylor swift mydaywithleo I met Joel back in the summer time when he snapped this little number at one of his meet-ups in Bryant Park.

Recently we decided to collaborate on a gif animation project using Taylor Swift’s cut outs. Joel suggested Grand Central as our location. I gladly agreed as this meant I wouldn’t have to suffer the cold outdoors wearing a little cutout dress (similar to something Taylor would wear). We met at the main concourse in Grand Central Terminal, a popular destination everyone is familiar with before taking a walk to scout the perfect spot. We shot over 1,000 snaps in different positions, and after an hour of shooting we parted ways. To my surprise, Joel messaged me the finished result within 24 hours… the most hilarious and entertaining 15 seconds of my life.

Can you chat about any exciting projects you’re currently working on?

There is a lot in the works. It feels like an exciting time for me! I’m pretty excited to be doing a three-month series with Garage Magazine. I’m a big fan of their publication. Jeff Koons and Henri Matisse were in their last issue. So when they called me, I was shocked. I’m also have other lil music videos in the pipeline like the one we did. I think the more I do, the better I’ll get at the stop motion stuff. I’m shooting a Nicki Minaj Anaconda video tomorrow. There’s gonna be a couple costume changes and I think it’ll be lots of fun!

 What is your main goal for MyDayWithLeo, aside from taking over the world?

My main goal with mydaywithleo is to entertain. Mostly myself. I’ve always been kind of reclusive and creative–a killer combo! But I’m super happy other people seem to like what I do so much and I get a lot of joy out of interacting with them. It’s also really encouraging creatively. My other goals for 2015 are: make better work, collaborate with more amazing people, make some short films using cutouts, and put a book together.

I’ve met really good friends and like-minded individuals via Instagram. do you feel the same?

Yes. I met you! And some other cool people who aren’t quite as pretty and wonderful as you, but they’re special in their own little way.

 What are your plans for the Holidays, and will Leo be involved?

I’ll be out on Long Island with my brothers. I’m putting together a Mariah Carey Christmas video. I hope to shoot a Grinch stop motion vid with my little brother and maybe nephews. But it takes a lot of work and I still have Christmas shopping to do!!

Check out more of Joel’s super funny adventures with Leonardo DiCaprio by following @mydaywithleo on Instagram.

Trust me… you will be glad you did.


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