New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden : A Place for Serenity & Mindfulness


One of New York City’s most treasured gardens resides within the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens in Staten Island. The Chinese Scholar’s Garden is the ideal place to find tranquility and peace of mind during these tumultuous times in society.


Two days ago America shocked the world and most of its residents on a major scale. The 2016 Presidential elections were marked by an overwhelming series of events and opinions. Its aftermath left the nation divided with a catalog of mixed emotions in regards to the future of America and its human’s rights.


Situations like this one remind us of the importance of self-care and mindfulness. Being able to block off the ongoing flow of information and opinions can be difficult at times. Especially when living in the small and overpopulated island of Manhattan, often described as the cultural and financial capital of the worldFinding a place of solitude in New York City is not unrealistic, but can be challenging.


The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden at the Snug Harbor Culture Center in Staten Island is the place to be when the mind is in need of some TLC. The ambience is soothing, unthreatening and refreshing. Being outdoors amongst nature in this quiet atmosphere provides a Zen like feeling that might make you wonder if you have finally discovered tranquility’s personal home.


The garden’s architectural aesthetic is characterized by elaborate rockery arrangements made to resemble mountains. “Visitors can explore eight pavilions, a bamboo forest path, waterfalls, a Koi-filled pond, Chinese calligraphy, and a variety of Ghongshi scholar’s rocks including a 15-foot formation that towers over the central courtyard.”

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Photography : Erica Genece

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Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Gardens

1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, NY

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10-5PM


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