New York State of Mind: Back in the groove of the city


New York State Mind

After a chaotic  week  upon our arrival from sunny and warm Australia, it is safe to say I am back in the New York Groove. I’m excitingly gearing up for all the zing that comes with February, and at the same time working on learning better stress coping skills. While on holiday I purposely checked out from the social media world. The digital detox was so rewarding and overdue. My body, mind and even soul were yearning for some tender loving care after an overwhelming end to 2016.

New York State of Mind

The relaxation time is over, and the energy and bustle of New York is calling. I’m answering!

New York State of Mind

For my first 2017 blog editorial I enlisted James to join in on the adventure. On a grey chilly Saturday morning we made our way to Pier 62 aka Chelsea Piers. Home of one of New York City’s most outstanding and aesthetically pleasing skate parks. This place was the perfect backdrop to conceptualize My New York State of Mind. The panoramic views of the Hudson River on one side, and the city’s skyline with a graceful showcase of the Empire State building on the other side made being outdoor in the cold a worthwhile time. Living in the city for as long as I had (going on 22 years) you tend to forget to stop and admire your surroundings. The overcast sky gave the scene a romantic film noir vibe. It perfectly complemented the feel I was going for this editorial.

Need a place to play? Aside from being home to the skate park, Chelsea Piers is known for being an activity driven destination for all age groups with over 25 sports to choose from. The piers’ state of the art facilities host a diverse group of activities which include gymnastic, golf, bowling, ice skating and basketball just to drop a few. One of my favorite activities at the complex is the Friday Night Swings– A new take on your typical after work happy hour.
New York State of Mind

Photography : Erica Genece

 Videography: Shiseido Ruiz

Video Editor: Sugar Brown


James and I are wearing Hidden Eyewear Sunglasses

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