Day in the Rockaway with Yayoi Kusama’s Narcissus Garden

Day in the Rockaway with Yayoi Kusama’s Narcissus Garden

During one of the hottest day of the season, I made my way to the Rockaway to experience Yayoi Kusama’s Narcissus Garden. Hosted by MoMA PS1. Narcissus Garden is a site-specific installation part of Rockaway! A free art festival presented with the Rockaway Artists Alliance, Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, National Park Service, and Bloomberg Philanthropies in the Gateway National Recreation Area at Fort Tilden. Continue Reading…

Hide and Seek by Dream the Combine: An Industrial Playground at MoMA PS1

Even Though I’ve spent most of summer 2018 in temporary disability recovering from my shoulder surgery. Lately, I’ve been keeping myself busy. Catching up on all the fun outdoor activities I wasn’t able to get around to at the beginning of the season.

Hide & Seek by Dream the Combine: An Industrial Playground at MoMA PS1 Due to my slow living recommendation from my surgeon I’ve been living a leisurely and mindful summer. Enjoying moments of solitude outdoor with nature, architecture and site-specific presentations. To commence my summer’s 2018 wanderlust adventures I visited MoMA PS1. New York City’s Museum of Modern Art’s annex in Long Island City, Queens. I was eager to experience Hide and Seek. The 2018 winner of the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1’ annual Young Architects Program. Continue Reading…

Memories from The Armory Show 2018 Edition

Mary Sibande, A Reversed Retrogress Scene 1, 2013

Hey art lovers, sorry for falling off the blogosphere. I hope you were keeping up with my flâneuse adventures via my Instagram feed and stories. Let’s start back up with some inspiring Memories from The Armory Show 2018 Edition. After a very overwhelming winter season filled with endless school assignments and too many shoulder dislocations, I was looking forward to my summer break with much anticipation. But, my summer plans were slightly diverted with the news that I had a torn labrum and needed shoulder surgery (sight). I wasn’t surprised though, the last two dislocations were on a freakish spectrum. To cut the story short I’ve spent my summer recovering from surgery. Wore a sling for a month, have been going to PT twice a week, and now, my right arm is too gentle to do much with. Not even swing my arm ala Mary Sibande’s A Reversed Retrogress Scene 1 (The Purple Shall Govern) Spotted at The Armory Show 2018 Edition.

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Ai Weiwei sparks the conversation with Good fences make good neighbors

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Boho by Spence: Artisan Created Diamonds Designed with the Environment in Mind


I’m excited to be partnering with Spence Diamonds to present you their latest collection inspired by some of the things that excite me; freedom, fashion, travel, mindfulness, feminism, and art. The Boho by Spencecollection highlights Artisan Created Diamonds Designed with the Environment in Mind.


Wearing a piece of jewelry made with a bigger purpose in mind gives the item a deeper meaning and value. The Boho collection from Spence exudes kind heartiness, love for the environment and wanderlust. These are the greatest gifts that keep our spirits alive.  Continue Reading…

Governors Island: Gotham’s Natural Oasis

Governors Island: Gotham's Natural Oasis Hey Wanderlusters! I’m sorry for the long hiatus. If you follow me on social media you probably already know how I’ve been spending my days since school started. I’m a busy fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, doing my best to juggle a freelance position in sales, endless school projects, and blogging. Unfortunately fashion design academics leave me with little time for nurturing my Wanderlust. These days I spend most of my times under fluorescent lighting. Talk about moody vibes all the time.

Governors Island: Gotham's Natural Oasis

The free times I get I’d much rather spend it outdoors with Mother Nature’s offsprings in the natural light. Governors Island: Gotham’s Natural Oasis in the New York City harbor remains my beloved leisure spot for outdoor contemplation and relaxation. Did you get to quench your nature driven wanderlust spirit with a visit to the island this season? For the first time since its opening, the not so secret ice-cream cone-shaped island extended their 2017 season till  Halloween. The season’s farewell held a full list of events ideal for all ages that concluded on October 31st. I didn’t get to live the Spooky experience because I was home working on midterm projects and studying for exams. But, I did get to go before right before the end of the season’s goodbye. Follow along as I stroll along the memorable areas of Governors Island. An island built for the future.  Continue Reading…