Paint, Neon Glow and Rock & Roll

Thrush Holmes Heavy Painting

Heavy Painting, a rebellious exhibition with an undeniable rock and roll feel is now exhibiting at the Mike Weiss Gallery. Known for promoting young, fun and experimental artists, Mike Weiss Gallery has brought us another satisfying repertoire of rebel attitude and bravado. This makes Thrush Holmes’ third solo exhibition with the gallery.

Thrush Holmes Heavy PaintingThrush Holmes Heavy Painting

Heavy Painting is filled with heavy emotions, movement and a heavy metal stance. It is suggestive of the 80s and 90s rock and the pawn shops so many used as a financial institution during those eras. The glowing neon lights add a shocking stroke of energy that serve as a spotlight for the works which are literally dripping with paint, reminiscent of a sweaty body that might be found at an underground dance hall. Heavy Painting brings the gritty and grunge aspect of the dive bars and rock movement into this Chelsea gallery.  High art motifs found in works by Matisse, Warhol and what appears to resemble Damien Hirst’ skull have been replicated and downgraded to become a conjoining part of the art pieces. Holmes even gave an artistic shout out to anonymous street graffiti writer “Jim Joe”.

Thrush Holmes Heavy Painting

An explosion of splashed paint, and electricity exudes from both ‘Legendary Hearts‘ and ‘Beautiful Losers‘. They have the capacity to mentally transfer you to a rock and roll showcase somewhere in the basement of a dark and steamy dive bar like the legendary CBGB.

Thrush Holmes Heavy Painting

Heavy Painting is a salute to Old New York or old America; the cities the 70s’ babies feel nostalgic about and sometimes I do as well, due to my obsession with old rock and roll and its history. A city that is rapidly losing its roots while adjusting to the new wave but reminding everyone that it will never lose its ‘I don’t give a damn attitude, I’m doing it my way because I can and I will’

Thrush Holmes Heavy PaintingThrush Holmes Heavy Painting

Thrush Holmes, a former carpenter and self-taught artist resides and works in Toronto, Canada. His work can be found in permanent collections like the Elton John Aids Foundation, Sony Dreamworks, and Defjam Records.

Thrush Holmes Heavy PaintingThrush Holmes Heavy PaintingThrush Holmes Heavy Painting

Heavy Painting will be on view at The Mike Weiss Gallery, 520 W 24th street until October 17th, 2015.

Photos By Erica Genece


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