The Catskills : Winter Wonderland


the stylish flannels Catskills snowLast weekend my boyfriend James and I took a short break from city living and went up to the CatskillsMy super cute friend from school, Tzu-Li invited us for the weekend along with our other classmate Sarah Jane and husband. It was the perfect getaway to get us in synch with the winter and re-charge for the new year. We arrived Friday night to the most star-studded sky and the brightest moonlight I’ve seen since I was a little girl living in the Dominican Republic.

the stylish flannels Catskills snow

Tzu-Li’s boyfriend Jake, took us on a night stroll around their property sitting on 20 acres of land, which includes a pond and fairy tale like hiking trails. The night was so quiet and serene. The only sound came from our steps walking along the snow. It perfectly set the mood for the rest of our weekend filled with adventures and relaxation.

the stylish flannels Catskills snow

Saturday morning we layered up, put on our waterproof pants and head up to Plattekill Mountain for snowboarding. Even though the temperature was freezing cold, the sun was shining bright. After a few hours spent up on the mountain I was ready to call it a day and so was my body. I am still recuperating from sore muscles and a pesky bruise. No regrets thought!

the Catskills The stylish flaneuse

I’ve always complained about the winter, not a fan of the cold and snow, but why fight something you can’t control. I am learning to embrace it and have become an expert in the art of layering. Looking forward to making the best of this season.

the stylish flannels Catskills snow

I hope I get the opportunity to go visit the Catskills again, and taking advantage of everything it has to offer. A perfect holiday destination close to home. I hear it’s magical during the spring and summer seasons.


the stylish flannels Catskills snow


Photos by : James and Jake






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