The Monochrome Factor


monochromatic photographyIn today’s society, updating and staying up with the many different platforms of social media has become for many of us an everyday routine similar to checking your email or brushing your teeth. monochromatic photographyWe are constantly drawn to it, and hard to stay away from it due to the conveniently way we can easily reach these platforms-throughout our beloved smart phones. A majority of these media outlets give us daily uploads of visual stimulants. Whether they are food related, fashion, art, beautiful people, etc, these social platforms have something to visually stimulate everyone’s taste. I use these outlets as a source of inspiration for my personal and career ambitions.monochromatic photography

Images are more conducive to getting a higher reaction from the viewer than words would, specially in our current times-where time itself seems to run at a faster pace each day. We want fast, direct information, without having to stop and analyze or read to understand the matter.  As the exhausted cliché goes: An image speaks louder than words.monochromatic photography

Lately I feel my taste and visual wants have gotten more refined and simplified. I am mostly drawn to the aesthetics of monochromatic images, with minimal composition. In a world filled with so much details, colors, prints, backgrounds, actions and visions, being able to focus on an individual subject and appreciating its beauty can be a difficult task. Black or White matters only need apply in this post. Regardless of the people in the background, I feel that due to the high contrast of black and white-the eye, your eye will always end up on the subject in black.monochromatic photography

In the early stages of the photography movement, photographers often mirrored a painter’s art piece, or often provided their photographs as a way to aid the artist throughout their creative process. The photographer’s craftsmanship was not recognized as a form of art. The main purpose of a photographer was to capture all the details of a certain surrounding with a realistic perspective.monochromatic photography

With time, and many experimentations, photographers started noticing that they could use their cameras as a way to simplify what was sometimes filled with chaos and distraction. They were in control of their vision throughout their frame, and could easily cut the unimportant matter to bring focus on the important subject. Simplicity was a term used to describe this achievement where an image can stand on its own and automatically tell a story and at time, even send emotions. We are entice by minimal items because of their simplicity-they perform the way they are meant to, without the tedious complications.

This statement easily suits monochromatic simplistic images. Black exudes sophistication, effortless, and power. White represents cleanliness, harmony and simplicity. When these two colors are combined, the greatest duo of beauty and simplicity it’s achieved.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication-Leonardo da Vinci

I am under the impression that many of you might skip all the writing and instead focus on the visuals. Don’t worry, I will not be offended, that would just prove my argument that a simple monochromatic image will most of the time speak louder than my 526 words.

Photos by: Aesthetnik


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