Timeless Pieces to Wear Year-Round

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Sustainable practices in fashion need not be the sole undertaking of big brands, like Stella McCartney’s use of recycled nylon. Consumers also have a part to play in this since they are the ones supporting these brands. On a more mainstream level, H&M launched its Conscious Denim collection, using 56 percent less water and 58 percent less energy during their production compared to regular varieties of denim. In line with this, instead of buying clothes every season, you can instead stick to a few key and timeless pieces that you can wear throughout the year – removing and adding layers when necessary. Here’s a list of clothing essentials that are flexible enough to be worn year-round.

1. A pair of jeans

To take you from day to night, Elle reports how Everlane sells an affordable range of denim at under $80 a pair. Elle describes how their “eco-friendly and socially conscious business model” appeals to consumers because they’re transparent about their production processes. They’re even described as “the world’s cleanest denim factory,” so you can have peace of mind about where your money goes. For a universally flattering look, they have Cheeky Bootcut Jeans that suit every body type. Style it with a graphic tee and a denim jacket for a modern look, or with a cropped halter top and heels for a night out.

2. A white t-shirt

One problem with the basic white tee is that with time, it usually becomes super sheer. While you could make this daring look work, sometimes you want something more substantial. Lili Göksenin recommends the Three Dots Cotton Heritage Knit Short Sleeve Crew t-shirt for its longevity. What’s incredibly impressive is that she’s apparently had it for over five years and it’s still in great shape, so it shows that sometimes investing in a basic tee can be worth your hard-earned cash. There’s an infinite number of ways to style a plain white tee, but it goes incredibly well with some light-wash denim for laid-back summer vibes, or under a leather jacket for that rebellious look.

3. A flannel shirt

Multipurpose fashion gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and challenge yourself to find new ways of styling your clothes. Woman Within’s classic flannel shirt comes in a variety of color combinations and prints. You can choose a piece that goes with items you already have. Its tunic length makes it the perfect piece to be worn as a coverup in the warmer seasons, and can even function as an added layer of warmth come the colder months. For a timeless yet casual look, wrap it around your waist over your maxi dress to give it some shape, and pair with some hi-top Converse.

4. A pair of sneakers

There’s arguably no piece of footwear that’s more comfortable than a pair of trusty sneakers. In this day and age, they can go with any outfit and accompany you on your travels around the globe. An all-white sneaker is a key essential that everyone’s wardrobe needs and the VEJA V-10 fits the bill perfectly. “Rendered in a silhouette that will never go out of style, this wear-everywhere pair is also made from fair-trade materials. Bonus: they look even better all beat up.” This way, you can be sustainable and fashionable at the same time. If you’re into a more romantic vibe they pair perfectly with a flirty floral mini dress, but if you go the other way they’re the perfect complement to your athleisure leggings and cropped tee.

With these highly coveted items in your wardrobe, we guarantee that you’ll be reaching for them, again and again, no matter the season.

-This is a collaborative post written by Georgina Summers and may provide affiliate links

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