Todd Murphy Delivers Calmness & Magical Wanderlust for the Holiday


 Hello Art & Fashion lovers! This week I’m bringing you artworks to get you inspired and excited for the holiday season.

2016 continues to be full of high anxiety not only for Americans as we might selfishly believe to be, but also for the rest of the world. Temporarily daydreaming away from the news feeds’ continues scroll of troubling and heartbreaking stories is necessary to let the mind unwind. A little self-care will keep us stronger in order to keep actively involved and socially responsible in our lives.


Marc Straus’ captivating presentation by Brooklyn based artist Todd Murphy sparked my excitement for the holiday season. For over 20 years, Todd Murphy has cultivated and explored a stylistic art form that combines sculpture, painting and photography. 

Todd Murphy’s works are reminiscent of fairy tale stories and the Caravagesques/ tenebroso movement inspired by (my favorite master from the Baroque period) the Italian master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. The incorporation of chiaroscuro techniques, artificial lights and projections from the artist’s film collection brought a sentiment of high drama and magic to the gallery.

 “Murphy’s indelible belief is in the interconnectedness of all things – that the Spiritual and Natural World can intertwine in beautiful, unforeseen ways.”

 todd murphy

Todd Murphy’s extensive travels throughout the world has contributed to both the metaphysical and tangible aspects of his works. “In one of his “dress” assemblages, a billowing dress of twigs collected from the Southern coastline when combined with an antique tailor’s mannequin is exalted to an eccentric Degas Dancer.” Magical! Learn more about Todd Murphy’s magic via Marc Straus.

Photography : Erica Genece

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Una ilusión (Sterling Silver, fresh water pearls, quartz, 24 kt. gold) Tiara designed and handcrafted by Angely Martinez






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